How Technology Changed the Face of Music

Thirty years ago, trying to listen to your favorite song was much harder than it is today. With the rise of all different ways to obtain music, it has not only made it easier to access single songs, but it has also made it harder for bands to make money like they did when you had to buy  complete records. Today’s generation does not know as many songs because they just sign into their iTunes or Spotify account and buy or save the one song they like.

Many of today’s artists don’t even release complete albums, instead they make a couple songs and hope that song makes it big enough to reach number one on the charts. They don’t write for their own unique style but rather what sound is going to make it more popular when it is released. Iconic bands like The Beatles, Elvis Presley, or even The Rolling Stones don’t appear like they used to due to this, and one of the last bands to really make a statement like this was Nirvana.

I think this change is due to the technologies we have today. Before there was free music sites and file sharing people had to buy a copy of their favorite record, not only supplying the band with money to produce a new album, but also a realization that people do want their music. People do not realize that by not paying $1.29 for the song they are financially hurting their favorite band, and essentially stealing the music.

Technology has ruined the music industry by making music free to access, and not allowing bands to develop their own sound. Today’s kids will never realize the true greatness of some of the bands and artists that once played music, and that without these building blocks to the music world, their favorite top-40 artists probably wouldn’t be doing what they do, and that being making new music.



  1. Stephen Paul · December 15, 2015




  2. Janice Wald · December 14, 2015

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  3. preparetobeamazed9 · December 11, 2015

    I respectfully disagree with you because the bands are still making tons of money. They make their money from the sites that play their music have to pay the artists for their music. Then the sites get money from playing adds and use the money to pay the artists.


    • superfly8 · December 14, 2015

      Illegal music sites that use pirated music do not pay the artists for the music they give to the public. I’m unsure if you thought I was referring to streaming apps and websites, which in this case I was not. Many illegal sites have been shut down, but there are so many artists will always lose their well deserved money to illegally distributed music. Also, file sharing is a harm because you could not make copies of tapes and records, but with file sharing friends can just send songs between one another while only one pays for the music. Lastly, I never stated that they are not making money, just that they do not make as much as they did when illegal copies of the music were not as accessible.

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